BYU might have figured out mystery on press release

BYU believes it has figured out a mysterious press release talking about a contract with “BYU Athletics Cable TV,” which does not exist.

After a couple of days of exhaustive investigation, it appears the press release (see previous blog) posted on a business Internet site referred to a renewal of an ongoing BYU marketing contract it has with a company that works with local cable companies locally.

BYU routinely renews this advertising for season tickets to football and basketball seasons and works through a certain company. It appears this advertising signed by BYU’s marketing group came out through a different company name, which led to the confusion and an official statement from the university spokesman Carrie Jenkins, explaining there is no BYU Athletics Cable TV.

Duff Tittle, a spokesman for the athletic department, has spent many hours checking with campus broadcasting and marketing folks and they didn’t have any idea what this company was. Once the conversations got more indepth, the marketing folks figured out it was a matter of semantics and labels by a company that sent out a press release unbeknown to the university.

Here is a statement from the university before Tittle called me with the latest conversation he had with his marketing people.

“BYU Athletics Cable Television” is confusing for us because there is no such thing as BYU Athletics Cable Television, and no one at BYU responsibile for marketing has heard of this company or any such deal. The BYU office of the General Counsel is awaiting responseto phone messages left with the company,” according to Michael Smart, BYU spokesperson.

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