Interesting twists and turns

Crazy week so far and that’s aside from football practices.

On the field, BYU coaches are not tipping their hand as to the QB race, shuffling roles with Jake Heaps and Riley Nelson as to who is taking first snaps with the first unit.

Off the field, BYU is not tipping its hand as to what “strategies” the administration is looking at. I don’t think the status quo, (staying in a restrictive MWC TV deal) is high on BYU’s white board, the school wants freedom.

Back to the field.

I think after Saturday’s scrimmage, they’ll have to whittle down the decision and start giving one guy 70 percent of the snaps and let him get the timing and confidence down with the offense. In a way, they’ve got to make this decision to prepare a starter.

Here are a few interesting ripples on the Internet. In this technical story, you can get the gist of how flexible BYU’s new TV studios on campus will be to handle sporting events. You will also understand why BYU wants the MWC to enable it to do some of their own sporting events. Here is the item.

In Fort Worth, another columnist takes a swipe at the Cougars Read it here.

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