Heaps: How many tries?

The promotion gig is an interesting deal for the sports marketing folks at BYU.

Take the recent fame of Jimmer Fredette and mix it with the New Mexico Bowl offensive MVP and his talent for throwing a football.

You can see the Youtube video here.

So, how many throws did Heaps need to make this shot?

Well, at first, they hat Heaps up a little higher and he threw and missed. The guy under the basket couldn’t throw him back the football, so Heaps moved down a few rows.

He then threw and missed and then made it on the second try, according to what his father Steve learned from his son.

Funny thing is, the video had been up on the Internet for a few days when I called Steve and asked him about it. He knew nothing about the video, the taping of it or the promotion.

“Thing is with Jake, he could meet the President of the United States and we’d be the last to know about it. It doesn’t tell us about things like this. When he got awards or recognition, same thing. He wouldn’t tell us.

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