Rick Pitino talks about Jimmer

Louisville coach Rick Pitino found himself answering Jimmer Fredette questions Thursday at the podium during his media time.

Here’s the exchange with a reporter:

Q. There’s Jimmer-mania this week in Denver. Since you shut him out his freshman year, he’s come out. Have you peeked in on his game from where you were?
COACH PITINO: When did I shut him out?

Q. Freshman year, didn’t he not score in his freshman year?
COACH PITINO: I’m sorry? Anybody remember that? Did we shut him out? I don’t remember shutting him out. Maybe we did. We lost that game, didn’t we?

Q. Yes. 78-76.
COACH PITINO: I forget all losses (smiling). If we would have won, we definitely shut him out (laughter).

Q. Anyway, if you could talk about his game.

COACH PITINO: You know, a good friend of mine was working out at the New York Athletic Club last year. I guess Jimmer was there with his dad for some reason. They were working out, because he’s from New York. Went up to him. He said, Do you play ball?

He said, Yeah, I play basketball.

He said, Good, I watched workout.

He didn’t know who he was, my friend. The young man was so humble. He was saying, We’re hoping to have a good year. Everything is going well. Where you from?

He told him, New York.

He said, Great. He came back and told me the story.

I obviously watched him a lot this year on television, big fan of his.
He is a young man that really understands how to play the game. He’s really very difficult to stop because he’s so crafty and uses both hands so well, has great range. And he’s very difficult to stop.

They’re not playing great basketball right now, but they could get it back. Anytime you lose a key player, you have a drop-off, then you got to find out where you’re going to make up for it.

He’s so exciting, so much fun to watch, that college basketball has been taken by him. You don’t know how he’s going to score because he’s so crafty.
I don’t remember anything about him playing at BYU at that time. But I’ve followed him all this year and he’s just a tremendous basketball player.

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