Obtaining Hinds signals solid BYU recruiting direction

When Troy Hinds committed to Bronco Mendenhall on Monday, it undlerlined several very important aspects of what BYU is trying to do heading into independence.

BYU is selling itself first, but it is also parlaying the exposure it will receive with the ESPN contract and BYUtv into a real selling point. In essence, it is negating the draw of the Pac12 to top LDS recruits. No, BYU isn’t going to get all top LDS recruits — it never has. But the school is getting its share in football and basketball these days.

I had the following email from a longtime friend and former sportswriter in Idaho this morning. It is his observations in watching Hines up close last year against Northridge.

Here is his observation of the 4 star recruit.


See this morning that Troy Hinds of Davis High School has committed to
BYU. It’s a great feather in Bronco’s cap, albeit a puzzling one.

Because I love to see the best, made sure I watched Davis play
Northridge (where my youngest now plays football) last year in
Kaysville. Northridge had the better personnel, but Davis won the
game. Have never seen a player control a football game from the
defensive end position before that game. They played him to the
strong side of the field and he literally changed everything in a
poorly-executed offensive game plan, because none of the down linemen
could block him one on one and he was quick enough to stop any kind of
sweep or rollout pass.

He’s a fun athlete to watch. Problem is his size. He can’t play the
down lineman position at his weight and not sure how he would
transition to linebacker. It could be fun to watch three or four years
from now. Comes from a solid family and background.


FYI, Hines is likely slated to play outside linebacker.

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