Coach goes off on his seniors: Pat Knight

Lamar coach Pat Knight had every reason to go off on his seniors, a group he called the worst group of seniors he’d ever been around.  But it was unusual to do it in public.

This kind of Pat Knight rant is unusual.  It is also refreshing.  The norm is for coaches to always protect their players and prevent the negative light from exposing their weaknesses.  This must have got to the point at Lamar where Knight couldn’t put makeup on it any more and frustration boiled over.

I have no problem with a coaching doing this, but how would it be if things were the other way around and a group of players just trashed him in a news conference after a game.  It goes both ways.

There is an unwritten rule on teams that you keep issues within the family, that locker room problems are for the team to deal with in a private way; you don’t air dirty laundry in public.

Knight’s rant was enlightening.  But does it start a new trend by head coaches?

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