Trainer explains Taysom Hill recovery

BYU football trainer Jeff Hurst said Taysom Hill’s recovery from his detached LCL and broken bone in his leg where that ligament attaches will be quicker and easier than a reconstruction and transplant of a new ligament seen in ACL surgeries.

Speaking after Tuesday’s practice, Hurst said Hill may not be back in time for spring football, but it isn’t unreasonable to see the quarterback make some of spring football practices, albeit in a limited role.

Hurst said Hill will likely have a piece of metal, in the form of screws, staples or a plate, or combination of all three attached to his fracture to aid in the recovery and healing of the injury.  “I’m not sure exactly what that will be but something will be used to help,” he said.

Hurst expects Hill to make a full recovery and regain everything he had before the injury — speed, response time, athletic prowess and strength — which all combine to make him the athlete he has shown in high school and at BYU in the two games he started and helped win.

“His recovery will be quicker than an ACL surgery and he’ll be able to do more in a shorter time.  The key, as it is with all athletes, is how he will recover mentally and how it impacts his confidence.

Hill was injured in the closing seconds of the 6-3 win over Utah State last Friday in LaVell Edwards Stadium.



  1. Eastcoastcoug

    I think it is pathetic that they had Hill running so many QB options up the middle and couldn’t make it clear for this last play that he was to take a knee. If it were my son playing, I would seriously question the sanity of this coaching staff, especially Doman.

  2. So Cal Reader

    Slow sports day to have an article devoted to team trainer. Do we need to know all of this? What good does it do for us?

  3. sammyg

    I think it is pathetic that people are still griping about this unfortunate accident, especially Cougar fans.

    Time to get over it people and move on. Taysom will recover and so will BYU football.

    It’s not the end of life, nor is it the end of the season.

    Look on the bright side… we’re not as bad off as Utah. LOL

  4. Matt

    To “So Cal reader” As a physical therapist I find it interesting to know the extent of the injury and the type of surgery required. Great thing about an avulsion fracture is that bone heals better/faster than ligaments allowing a quicker recovery.

  5. Sam

    The coaching staff had called for victory formation, but Taysom didn’t see the signal. It was just an unfortunate miscommunication, and if Taysom hadn’t have gotten hurt than no one would be griping about it.
    Sammyg, I’m with ya on that one hahaha! 🙂

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