Interesting Boise State clause with MWC

With Boise State heading back to the Mountain West, it is interesting that the MWC will pay BSU’s exit fees from the Big East.

But what it more interesting is a clause that allows Boise State to retain TV rights to its home games in Boise.

Here is that clause:

• TV rights: The Mountain West will ensure that Boise State home football games are not part of, nor granted under, any current or future conference-wide television rights contract, including the league’s current contract with CBS Sports. Boise State and the Mountain West must mutually agree to whom Boise State home football games are licensed. The revenue from Boise State home football games shall be retained by the conference. All television broadcast rights to Boise State away games are treated the same as other Mountain West teams.

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This is of interest locally because such a request by BYU with the Big East was scoffed at by many who said it just is not done.   And earlier, as a member of the MWC, BYU was promised a similar (albeit a less exclusive) use of TV home games when the league was formed but it never made it into the actual written contract.  Thus, it was one big reason BYU left the MWC for independence.
Boy, how times can change.


  1. Duane Tanner

    What does BSU gain by football home game broadcast rights, with MWC approval of the licensor, if the MWC gets all home game revenue if I’m interpretting the following clause correctly: “The revenue from Boise State home football games shall be retained by the conference.” Or does that refer to gate receipts only?

    • SJ Bobkins

      This is the TV money not ticket sales, parking and concessions. The point is they don’t have to split the TV money equally with the other teams, they get $300,000 for a non Saturday game and $500,000 for a Saturday home game on national TV

  2. SJ Bobkins

    Boise St had Thompson on his knees begging to “come home” to the New Mexico’s, CSU’s Wyomings, and UNLV. To Bronco fans the excitement over getting to play Louisville, Cinny, and other BE mainstays has been replaced with dissapointment as the boring ole tour of schools that draw no more than 18,000 for a home game and haven’t beaten a non-conf opponent in years is coming up. Nothing like being back with the universities who could care less about investing in their programs while nursing the hoof prints the FCS has placed on their backs. Stuart Mandel proposes the conference change it’s name to the Boise State Conference as they have given the Broncos a dollar bouquet that no other team in the FBS currently has from their conference mates. All in all, the Commish has to know Boise will still bolt with any sniffs of even more cash. Oh and they even get to wear the blue turf matching uni’s that had been denied them. Only a Boise-ite would know why this insult had caused them so much pain.

    • RMorgan

      I don’t know why BSU would ever wear the blue uniforms. They just don’t look good and the game is horrible to watch. The orange uniforms would look great on the blue field.

  3. Frank Davis

    Also in the Boise clause:

    “The Mountain West will extend an option to San Diego State to join the league before offering membership to any other institution. The right of first option to San Diego State shall expire on Jan. 21, 2013.”

  4. Johnny Triumph

    The fact that BYU was after this kind of deal from MWC was the first thing that popped into my head reading Boise’s new agreement. It seems that MWC has finally learned from the mess they created; can you imagine the MWC if they would have kept BYU and others happier? Utah probably still would have bolted but who knows if the Big12 would have come after TCU. What a shame that the MWC fought to protect the mtn rather than support its member institutions.

  5. Roughrider

    While the football issues drove the agreement what BSU does gain is a much better home for their Olympic sports, which were slated for the Big West. Playing in the “Pit” or “Thomas & Mack” is better than a 2500 seat gym in the Big West. Last I checked, the MWC was also rated pretty high in basketball. A strong basketball league can also generate exposure!

  6. JR-ABQ

    It is a shame that the MWC lost BYU, TCU, and Utah for what appears to be the same reason they are now allowing Boise St. to return. But, it was also stupid that both Boise St. & SDSU would be a part of the Big East which made little it any sense except in dollars and an automatic BCS bid which will now become extinct. What was destroying the MWC was the Mountain TV Network and thank god that’s now gone, so the MWC can be seen on CBS Sports, ESPN, and other national networks instead of that regional TV loser.

  7. Dylan

    Louisville is gone, Cincy and UConn want out, the Catholic 7’s departure killed the tv deal, the BE is losing BCS status. The Big East’s status has dramatically worsened since BSU signed on and there is no indication that it will get better.

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