Athletes better use caution with social media

Facebook, Twitter and the like are remarkable tools in communication and in the sports world, they are matching the general culture as a whole.

That is why, if you are an athlete, either professional, in college or in high school, you’d better be careful.

A harmless tweet after a game or just messing with friends and followers can become part of your resume.  It could be researched, flagged and find itself in a personnel file.

This is taking place right now in the NFL as general managers and personnel directors start to break down prospects at the combine in Indianapolis.  It will continue leading up to the draft.

And people say they can thank Notre Dame linebacker Mante Te’o for this interest in social media.

Minnesota Vikings general manageer Rick Spielman says his scouting department has done “a lot of digging” on social media in the off-season.

He also confirmed, Te’o’s experience with a fake girl friend is one of the primary reasons.





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