Twitter data on Bronco’s Jersey brings interesting stats

The lightning quick reaction to Bronco Mendenhall’s trial balloon of replacing names on BYU football player jerseys with Tradition, Spirit, Honor left an interesting statistical trail in social media circles the past 48 hours.

According to analysis by NUVI, a social media research company in which former BYU team captain Cameron Jensen is vice president of operations, the Twitter traffic grew to more than a thousand tweets.

Here are some figures provided by Dallin Hatch, a company spokesman:

From 3 p.m. Thursday to noon today, NUVI analyzed 1,115 social media posts that referred specifically to the jersey change.

The volume of conversation grew almost exponentially from 7 p.m. on and peaked at 11:00 p.m., well after Bronco announced that BYU would only be wearing the “Tradition, Spirit, Honor” jerseys for the homecoming came, which indicates that the need for sleep was the only thing that truly calmed the conversation down.

According to data, 20 percent of those 1,115 social media posts were positive, with most of those mentions coming in after Bronco decided to only wear the jerseys for the homecoming game.

Conversely, 49 percent of the 1,115 posts viewed the entire situation negatively, whether the post was before Bronco back tracked or after.

Another interesting stat is that nearly 1/5 of the conversation revolved around this tweet from @LostTacoVendor:

“When will the BYU bookstore start selling over sized pink football jerseys with “Sweet Spirit” on the back?

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